Friday, October 11, 2013

Studio Art Show 2013

Happy  Autumn
A glorious autumn to all!

I am in hopes this finds you all well, and taking time to enjoy the changing of the seasons.  Here’s what’s new here— if you have any questions, just drop a line?

News here includes the annual

Studio Art Show

Show hours are
Saturday Oct. 19    11-5
Sunday Oct. 20       12-4

And the location is
-15 South St. E.,
Aylmer, Ontario-

There will be larger paintings and prints out, and miniatures too. This year I’ll also be able to show some of the miniatures done in oil. These are the kind that I often send to the international shows, and most have not been shown in Canada before.

(A note—there is a new server at my ISP that is giving some website issues.  Many thanks to those who have told me. A major rework is in the near future!)

If you feel like exploring while you’re in the area, the sights and aromas of the harvest season here are just awesome (this area is called ‘Ontario’s Garden), and this year the local produce, and wine, should be wonderful on the Culinary Trail by Savour Elgin.

You may see various quilts hanging from barns on our Quilt Trail; each design is symbolic of a local tale, which helps the history come alive.

I plan to also have a map here of the ‘back’ way to Pinecroft, in case you want to go there for an enjoyable lunch amongst the pines. Pinecroft is a working pottery with a log cabin tearoom, (and a music program too) and has a fascinating history spanning the generations. (The owner, Brenda Smith, has completed and published a book ‘The Cabin in the Pines’ using her family’s documentation.)

Right down the road south of Pinecroft is the Howe Family Farm Market, where the produce (I can attest) is wonderful and the pumpkins and squash are especially abundant. It’s on my small map.

Clovermead apiaries is just north of town. (open Saturday) It’s a great spot to explore (we buy our honey and maple syrup there and enjoy wandering—much to see).

‘The Big Apple’ (you’ll see it!) north of town has an abundance of apples this year, and many varieties are available—the Honeycrisp is a new favourite.

East of town is Heritage Line Herbs, where you can buy organic herbs, fair trade coffee, and much more. (Open Saturday 10-4) (I see there is a quilt there too!)

During my home show, I do try to greet my visitors, and then I tend to leave them alone to visually explore. Please know that I’m being quiet out of respect, not neglect.

There’s a physical reason for doing this. The dominant, chattering left side of the human brain, the static, has to be quieted down before we can slip over to the visual, wordless right side of the brain. (This has been called the ‘paradise within’.) Sometimes that’s difficult, but if you can achieve it, it’s very fulfilling and restorative.

(Artists call that happy state ‘in flow’, and it’s a great painting day when one can manage to stay in right brain for long easel time. Instrumental music (no words), helps to shift the brain over, so we’ll have some of that here too.)

I’ll be there for any questions, or if you do want to chat— just ‘holler’.  Hope you can drop by.

After the ‘home show’ I hope to get back to the easel and have just dozens of ideas.  Over the winter I hope to post new works on the blog in a (more) timely fashion, so ‘come on by’ and leave a comment if you wish.  I also have a Facebook Page, if you prefer.

Best to all,
cheers, Judy

PS.  I Dare Not forget the quotations—

The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination. ~ Carl Rogers

I am still learning. ~ Michelangelo, age 87

The way to be happy is to find something that requires the kind of perfection that’s impossible to achieve, and then spend the rest of your life trying to achieve it. ~ Winston Churchill

The world is full of magic things patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. ~ W. B. Yeats

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