Sunday, October 28, 2012

First in Portrait at MPSGS

Some news to share! Notification arrived Saturday night by email!--award of 'First in Portrait' at the Miniature Painters, Gravers and Sculptors Society's 79th Annual Exhibition in Washington DC.

 The award was for 'Ladies in Waiting', an image that is special to me for several reasons.
Here are a couple of zoom views.

The MPSGS exhibition is the only miniature show that I've had time to enter this fall, and so I was extra pleased that this painting did so well there.

Cheers! Judy

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Autumn

A glorious autumn to all!  I am in hopes this finds you all well, and taking time to enjoy the changing of the seasons. Here’s what’s new here— if you have any questions, just drop a line?

News here includes the annual
Studio Art Show

Show hours are—
Saturday Oct. 13    11-5
Sunday Oct. 14       11-4

And the location is
-15 South St. E., Aylmer, Ontario-

(here is a link to written directions (scroll down) and a local map)

You may recall from my last eletter that I’ve moved my show dates forward to the weekend after Thanksgiving. I‘ve done this so that I can join the ‘Elgin County Fall Colours Studio Tour’. I will be Studio #17.

This tour is featured in ‘Arts Country’, the five-county annual catalogue which features the regional visual art tours and trails here,
 the ‘Sand Plains’ area along Lake Erie. (Their catalogue is online, and also there are printed copies distributed about. I should have some here as well during the show.)

On the Elgin-only tour, my show is #2. This encompasses St. Thomas, Port Stanley, and Aylmer. I’ll have some printed maps here and the description is online here.

      Arts Country also put on an art exhibit through July and August, hosted by the Norfolk Arts Centre. It is located in a wonderful old Georgian homestead on the Lynnwood Historical Site in Simcoe.
‘Wraparound Porch’ received an award there for ‘People’s Choice’.

If you feel like exploring while you’re in the area, the sights and aromas of the harvest season here are just glorious (we say we are in the Garden of Eden), and this year the local produce, and wine, should be wonderful on the Culinary Trail. Savour Elgin has the ‘Elginlicious’ event on from October 12-21, and it looks like a delicious tour!

You may see various quilts hanging from barns on our ‘Quilt Trail’; each design is symbolic of a local tale, which helps the history come alive.

This year is also the anniversary of the War of 1812, and we were right in the thick of things, here on the Talbot Trail. I like to wonder how my ancestors coped with the invasion 200 years ago. (I'm happy that they stood their ground!)

I plan to also have a map here of the ‘back’ way to Pinecroft (#18 on the studio tour), in case you want to go there for an enjoyable lunch. Pinecroft is a working pottery with a log cabin tearoom, (and a music program too) and has a fascinating history spanning the generations. (The owner, Brenda Smith, has just completed and published a book ‘The Cabin in the Pines’ using her family’s documentation.)

Right down the road south of Pinecroft is the Howe Family Farm Market, where the produce (I can attest) is wonderful and the pumpkins and squash are especially abundant. It’s on my small map.

Clovermead apiaries is just north of town. It’s a great spot to explore (we buy our honey and maple syrup there and enjoy wandering—much to see).

East of town is Heritage Line Herbs, where you can buy organic herbs, fair trade coffee, and much more. (Open Saturday 10-4) (I see there is a quilt there too!)

The local map on my site gives some other locations and a link or two.

We’ve survived the two years of massive renovation of our 1880’s saltbox, and things are looking a touch more settled here. We’ve tried to keep the work in tune with the home’s innate style, which is likely British Colonial. The various saws and the joiner no longer grace the front room, and thanks to all visitors who kindly disregarded the sawdust and destruction. I did feel a certain kinship with my ancestors during our war of 2010 and 2011.

During my home show, I do try to greet my visitors, and then I tend to leave them alone to visually explore. Please know that I’m being quiet out of respect, not neglect.

There’s a physical reason for doing this. The dominant, chattering left side of the human brain, the static, has to be quieted down before we can slip over to the visual, wordless right side of the brain. (This has been called the ‘paradise within’.) Sometimes that’s difficult, but if you can achieve it, it’s very fulfilling and restorative.
(Artists call that happy state ‘in flow’, and it’s a great painting day when one can manage to stay in right brain for long easel time. Instrumental music (no words), helps to shift the brain over, so we’ll have some of that here too.)
I’ll be there for any questions, or if you do want to chat— just ‘holler’. Hope you can drop by.

After the ‘home show’ I hope to get back to the easel and have just dozens of ideas. Over the winter I hope to post new works here on the journal in a (more) timely fashion, so ‘come on by’ and leave a comment if you wish. I also have a Facebook Page, if you prefer.

Best to all,
cheers, Judy

PS. I Dare Not forget the quotations—

Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do. ~ Edgar Degas

Life is not a support system for art. It is the other way around. ~ Stephen King

You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. ~ Mark Twain

We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the Beautiful Stuff out. ~ Ray Bradbury

And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. ~ Nelson Mandela

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival 2012 upcoming

Happy Summer!

I do hope that you are managing to stay cool this midsummer.

A quick mention that the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival begins soon. (Buckhorn is north of Peterborough.) There is a nicely-done preview on Friday evening, August 17, with a wonderful atmosphere and great hors d'oevres, and full days on Saturday and Sunday. If you appreciate fine art, this is a 'don't miss', with 80 or so of some of the country’s best—further information and directions may be found on my website or Facebook Page Events or on the Buckhorn link above. If you do slip up to the show, please come on by our booth and say hello—

This year the Buckhorn Festival celebrates their 35th Anniversary. Their highlight this year includes a special display of 35 works selected from the artists showing there over the years. Judy’s work ‘Nappers’ was juried in to this feature.

Hot off the easel—the vintage Canadian sports series has been continued this year:

This is another tribute to the Canadian past. My father, born in a soddie on the northern prairies, of necessity learned how to make snowshoes as well as skis.

These historic items feel balanced and warm in the hands, as if they are asking to be used again—the smooth patina of the wood and the still-sturdy ties, made to last. I have immense respect for the craftsmanship. The complexity of the weaving was intriguing to me and a challenge to paint.

Snowshoes (traditional)
oil painting on cradled panel, 12” by 21”
prints are available

I have just posted this years online newsletters and you will see them embedded at the right of this page.

In other news, I submitted three works to the jury for the Norfolk Arts Centre Arts Country exhibition (Simcoe). All were accepted and will be on display there until the end of August. This is a wonderful old building and I’m so pleased that Simcoe was able to preserve it.
I have moved my home show dates forward to the weekend after Thanksgiving, so that I can join the Elgin County ‘Fall Colours Studio Tour’. This tour is featured in ‘Arts Country’, the five-county annual catalogue which features the regional visual art tours and trails here, the ‘Sand Plains’ area along Lake Erie. (The catalogue is online, and also there are printed copies distributed about. I’ll be sending another email update shortly before my home show.)

I think that we have an exceptional area here--the agriculture, food and wine, the creativity with abundant music and art right from the grassroots, and the history.I love the sights and aromas of the harvest season, and this year the local produce should be wonderful on the Culinary Trail. You may see various quilts hanging from the historic barns on our ‘Quilt Trail’; each design has an historic story. It’s the anniversary of the War of 1812, and we are right in the midst of some of the history for that, here on the Talbot Trail. I like to wonder how my ancestors coped with all that here, 200 years ago.

Hope to see you at Buckhorn!
Happy Trails, Judy

Right-Brained Quotes for the Day

Painters paint, and history continues to make fools of curators. Robert Genn

The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose. Heda Bejar

The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things. Henry Ward Beecher

We are no longer dependant on what New York, Paris, Rome or L.A. says about culture and art. We have become both international and regional at the same time. Linda Blondheim

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Miniature Shows update January 2012

Greetings--and hope your holidays were wonderful!

This is a 'small' update on the miniature shows that I entered late 2011:

(May I say that I'm delighted, and blushing furiously!)

Here is a writeup about the MASF today in one of the Tampa Bay newspapers, the TBN. The show starts Jan. 15 at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center. There will be 800-1000 miniatures there from many countries; it is the largest miniature show in the world and is very popular. (I hear from my contacts that sales are beginning already!)

Last year we were busy tearing the inside of our whole house apart and redoing it. A great deal of the detritus landed in my studio, making it difficult to paint. I'm looking forward to a productive year in 2012.

Cheers, Judy

Quote for a new year:

Bring something new, something beautiful and something filled with light into the world. ~ Ross Bleckner