Saturday, October 24, 2009

Autumn 2009

Happy Autumn
A fine Fall Season to all of you!

I am in hopes this finds you all well, and taking time to enjoy the changing of the seasons. Here’s what’s new here— if you have any questions, just drop a line?

News here includes the annual

Studio Art Show

Show hours are—
Saturday Oct. 31 11-4
Sunday Nov. 1 12-4

And the location is
-15 South St. E., Aylmer, Ontario-
(here is a link to written directions (scroll down) and a local map)

Hope you can drop by. If you are ‘from away’ you might want to make a daytrip of our little area here; there’s Pinecroft for lunch (a working pottery with a log cabin tearoom, and a music program too! more on this below); Clovermead apiaries north of town; Quaker-built Sparta with its shops; several wineries and more. The local map on my site gives the locations and a link or two.
I've just finished some miniatures in oil. Here's some samples--these are 3" by 3".


"Life is just..." ___________oil on gessoed panel_________ 3" by 3"

"Lang Syne" ______________oil on gessoed panel ______3" by 3"
These were sent off to the Miniature Art Society of Florida's annual international show (the 'largest' in the world).
I was pleased to be invited to show at the Cider Painters of America annual invitational show in Pennsylvania. Late nights at the easel resulted--I had only a short time before the due date--but finished 'The Apothecary' under the wire and sent it off.
"The Apothecary" ___________oil on gessoed panel _____3" by 3"
The President of the Cider Painters called from Pennsylvania this week--The Apothecary has been chosen as the feature image for the society's postcards, to be mailed out as the show announcement.

At Pinecroft on weekends, musicians from our region (including my husband) get together to informally 'jam' (usually bluegrass genre). I took my french easel and oils out there to do a loose colour study, in hopes of capturing that wonderful September light. It was a very satisfying day with sunshine, laid-back music, and the aromas of autumn.
It feels 'just right' to do this, just for the joy of smooshing paint around, after the intensity of miniature painting (sort of like the difference between jazz and classical music). So while the musicians improvised, so did I. Here's my 'jazz'.
"Jammers" (colour study) ____________oil on canvas ___________6" by 8"
_______original is now sold_____miniprints are available
There is more to the history of the 'Jammers' (see Jammin' blog); the Gang should be jamming at their log cabin during the Saturday and Sunday afternoons of my home show. After leaving my show, visitors often have lunch at the Pinecroft tearoom, wander down the pond to look at the potting cabin, and are welcome in the Jammin' Cabin to enjoy the music. It's certainly a daytrip for your creative side.
After the home show, I hope to get back to the easel, and have just dozens of ideas. I will try to post these in a timely fashion, here on the blog (and my Facebook Page if you prefer) through the winter. I also send email updates out-- if you wish to receive those, just drop a line.
Best to all,
Cheers, Judy
I Dare Not forget the quotations

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. (Ferris Bueller)

The pursuit of art on a regular basis may be the key to healing our minds and bodies. (Kim Blair)

I paint to live and I live to paint, but if I were to die I would paint myself into a coroner. (Don Lisa)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. (Leonardo da Vinci)

A poor thing, perhaps, but my own. (William Shakespeare)

(For) not only the creative person but for all those affected by it…art, literature, and music are essential to achieve a spiritual level in which discord and hate are less likely to occur. (Dr. Silvano Arieti)

Really healthy soul of man/woman/artist has all colours; healthy soul is as rainbow. (Yaroslaw Rozputnyak)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The donation to Campbellford Hospital

I see that the Campbellford Hospital Foundation have all 'The Other Canvas' project --artists' donations-- nicely photographed and on a rotating slideshow.

Here's a full view of my donation, I hadn't posted anything but the detail view thus far.

Cheers, Judy

Monday, August 24, 2009

a postscript to August 09

There was no time to post this painting before we left for Buckhorn (I was working on it right up until we left). It is the newest in the traditional sports series that I've been doing this year.

Skis (traditional)
My father told me of making homemade skis, and of bending the tips in a vat of water. He used these to ski across the fields to school.

oil painting on panel 12"x21" (prints also available)

Cheers, Judy

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 2009

Happy Summer! I hope this finds you all well and enjoying it much--

A quick mention that the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival (north of Peterborough) begins next week. There is a nicely done preview evening Thursday, August 13th, with a wonderful atmosphere (and great hors d'oeuvres), with full days on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you appreciate fine art, this is a 'don't miss'--80 or so of the country's best--further information on my website, in my Facebook Page Events, or on the link above. If you do slip up to the show, please drop by our booth and say hello--

There's a new oil just off the easel--'Lacrosse Sticks (traditional)'. (Further details on my website.)

oil painting on panel, 12" by 21"
prints also available
Cheers, Judy

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 2009, a quick update

A quick note, that 'The Roaring Game' original oil painting was sold in June. There are prints available.
I have sent away my donation to Campbellford Memorial Hospital, 'The Other Canvas' project, with blessings (this gala event is to help purchase a much-needed CT scanner for the hospital--many artists of every stripe across Canada are doing likewise. The event promises to be exceptional, and tickets are available.)
Here are a couple of detail views of the work.

Cheers! Hope you're enjoying summer to the utmost!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring 2009

Happy Spring to all

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying this season to the utmost.

Here’s what’s new here, and if you have any questions, just drop a line?

The Roaring Game
Curling in Canada’s early days was an essential component of small community life, one which suited our landscape (and probably the Canadian psyche) well. It is not surprising that we lead the world in this Olympic winter sport. 'The courteous sport'...(website has the rest of the ‘story’)

The original painting is an oil on panel, 12”x 21”approx. There are prints available. Enquiries about the original may be sent here.

Other news

There's been a visual artist’s Page started on Facebook—hope you can drop by.

Under the ‘events’ page in Facebook you’ll see ‘The Other Canvas’ — some photos may surface as this painting proceeds. (I try to do a worthy project at least annually and felt this was a great goal, helping to finance a much-needed CT scanner for a rural hospital.) It’s creativity in action! and the ‘unusual canvas’ seems to have intrigued other artists from several disciplines too. (Not at all sure what Brent Butt might come up with, although I'm sure it will be interesting!)

My children’s book, Popsicles For Breakfast—the tonsil book, is now sold out at the publisher. I do have a small quantity on hand for those in need, and have been shipping these as well; the border does not seem to be a problem (between Expresspost and Paypal, the last book made it to Alabama within 5 days and both of us were delighted. But it might be best to order as soon as you know you want one—)

There has been an updo on my website. There are new pages; one has all the miniprints that are available, now grouped together. There are now two different pages for miniatures—paintings over, and under, 10 square inches. (Miniature paintings under 10 square inches are only available as original paintings, not as prints.)

The 2009 show list is on my website (events), and also on the newsletters to come. I've found out how to put colour newsletters, with links, right here on the blog too (the sidebar at right should have both kinds, the introductory one, and the annual update newsletter).

A sabbatical leave will be taken from Art in the Park Stratford for this year; the first ‘away’ show will be the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival in August. (This summer there are plans to take a course or two, do some portfolio work, hopefully extend some of the series through the summer, and to get outside to ‘push paint’.) I hope to be updating here as works are completed.

Following are some ‘art quotes’ and I’m so glad that so many enjoy them—I like to collect these, and pick the best ones that make me laugh, or think, and pass them along to you.

All for now!

Cheers, Judy

Quotes for the day

Art doesn't have to match the couch. (
Penny Pennington)

How important are the visual arts in our society? I feel strongly that the visual arts are of vast and incalculable importance. Of course I could be prejudiced. I am a visual art. (
Kermit the Frog)

Art is like frozen music. (
6th grade art student)

To an artist, a picture is both a sum of ideas and a blurry memory of "pushing paint," breathing fumes, dripping oils and wiping brushes, smearing and diluting and mixing.
(James Elkins)

Artists ought to walk a mile in someone else's pants. That way you're a mile away and you have their pants. (
Joseph P. Blodgett)

Art is the demonstration that the ordinary is extraordinary. (Amedee Ozenfant)


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Art of the Miniature, Bethlehem PA

I have sent off several watercolour miniatures to the Snow Goose Gallery in Pennsylvania. Details of this exhibition:

The Art of the Miniature XVII
17th Annual Invitational Miniature Exhibition
May 3rd to June 13th, 2009
The Snow Goose Gallery, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Cheers, Judy

Sunday, January 11, 2009

January '09

Happy New Year to all!

Painting season is in full swing. I will jot a note here though before I forget:

The Lindsay Gallery show has begun and will run from January 7th to February 10th, at the public gallery in Lindsay, ON. Several brand new miniatures were sent along to this show.

Here are a couple of samples of the work sent there (you won’t see much of the detail though as the resolution has to be reduced so much for the internet). The painting of the piper is a (rare)self portrait.

I see that ‘Pickle Season’, a piece I sent to ‘Smallworks North America’ in Connecticut (previous entry below) is in their ‘Top Forty’ according to online votes. I note from their website that the other work, 'Pansies in Antique Creamer' has been sold.

That’s all for now, back to the ‘ground’!…

Cheers, Happy Trails,