Wednesday, August 1, 2007

e newsletter August 2007

Happy Summer!

I am in hopes this finds you all well, and taking time to enjoy your summer to the utmost! Here’s what’s new here— if you have any questions, just drop a line?

Air Water Fire (oil painting on board, 11” x 14”)

I’m not sure if this is some ancient instinct, but some of us have a need to be near water; we just feel better there. We are abundantly blessed in this country.

Given the setting, what child wouldn’t believe she could fly (especially if bestowed with those Supertowel properties).

Air Water Fire is a local image I’ve been longing to paint for some time. (It felt especially poignant this year, with such things as children graduating and leaving home to stretch their wings.) Doing it now also gave me a nice excuse to visit the beach in the evenings, ‘absorbing the atmosphere’.
(The painting is now dry enough that I’ve been able to reproduce it, and those details will be on my website.)

These tiny handpressed original prints were experimental. I’ve been a bit obsessed lately by the ancient cave paintings in Lascaux and Alta Mira, and by some fascinating reading on ancestral migrations and the DNA studies on the origins of mankind.

These sort of prints are very ‘hands-on’ (rhymes with ‘messy’—I am still cleaning ink from my elbows I think, as well as healing from scalpel wounds from inscribing the plates) and were quite fulfilling, another project which just felt right.

I am told that it is now high time to buckle down and get everything ready for the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival, which begins a week from now. I hope to see you there-this show is one of the highest quality art shows in Canada, and is held in a very relaxed setting in the Kawartha Lakes District. There are some directions and a description on the website (see ‘Events’). Be sure to come say hello if you do visit?

Cheers! Happy Trails—

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