Sunday, January 11, 2009

January '09

Happy New Year to all!

Painting season is in full swing. I will jot a note here though before I forget:

The Lindsay Gallery show has begun and will run from January 7th to February 10th, at the public gallery in Lindsay, ON. Several brand new miniatures were sent along to this show.

Here are a couple of samples of the work sent there (you won’t see much of the detail though as the resolution has to be reduced so much for the internet). The painting of the piper is a (rare)self portrait.

I see that ‘Pickle Season’, a piece I sent to ‘Smallworks North America’ in Connecticut (previous entry below) is in their ‘Top Forty’ according to online votes. I note from their website that the other work, 'Pansies in Antique Creamer' has been sold.

That’s all for now, back to the ‘ground’!…

Cheers, Happy Trails,


Anonymous said...

Jack-in-the-pulpit! One of my all-time favourite woodland flowers. It has a nostalgic it has remained unchanged while the landscape has evolved. I envision a series of wildflowers...

Judy Minor said...

Thank you! Mine too--you must've read my mind. Hiking through the woods to welcome the spring was traditional for my father and family. Even when quite small I was taught about wild plants and birds/animals. It's very poignant for me too, glad it came across. Happy trails--Judy